Claire Abbott Instagram Star, the Best Pictures

Claire Abbott Instagram Star

Not all of us might know Claire Abbott. Not to be confused with Clare Abbott without the “I”. The latter is actually a South African Illustrator of Wild Life. The Claire Abbott we talk about here is one of the most famous Instagram personalities around. Even though we are not hearing a lot from her lately. She started her career on Instagram by posting pictures of herself.

Starting a Career on Instagram: Claire Abbott

Sometimes the internet makes painfully clear how lame the majority of us is. It’s a fact for example that the most successful videos on youtube are about cats or kittens. Another fact is that these are especially successful because women watch them.

Claire Abbott Cute Young Woman

Claire Abbott is for men what Youtube kittens are for women. Simply put; a hot chick. A young woman with a pretty face and perhaps even more important a huge bosom. Yes, men, most of us are this simple.

Of course, we cannot blame young women like Claire Abbott to take advantage of this by putting themselves on Instagram to become famous. This way women like Clair can make a quick buck through their huge following and in return they will have to keep posting revealing pictures of themselves. Claire herself once said: “Bikini pictures are the most successful pictures”.

Former Instagram star Claire abbott in mint green bikini

New Career for Claire Abbott

It seems Claire has discovered there is more to life than posting pretty pictures of yourself online. She is now pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter. Hopefully, she can actually sing and write, because in my opinion we already have enough singer-songwriters in the world who are actually just very attractive women, but not very talented singers. I sincerely hope she will not be one of those.

Claire in a pink bikini on the beach

Am I a big fan?

Let’s just say I’m not a big fan of focusing on beauty so much. There is so much more to a person than beauty. Yes, I know that sounds like a hippy. But seriously. Being pretty is not actually a talent, it’s not something you can acquire by working hard or by developing yourself. It’s just luck. To me, it’s the same as being proud to have been born in a certain country.

I do not understand very well why people are proud of something they haven’t accomplished. Perhaps if your parents have migrated from another country to especially give birth to you in another country, perhaps then, you can be proud of your parents for giving you a better future or whatever. Still, no reason to be proud of yourself.

Recent claire abbott Photo in black top

A Few Claire Abbott Pictures

Here are a few pictures from Claire. There are more pictures to download through torrent sites. Few people would argue that she is not attractive. And perhaps being attractive is also a talent. I think photoshopping is definitely a talent one should possess to be successful on Instagram. At the same time, you need make-up skills and I do mean this seriously.

Not everyone can do make-up well. How many women you know that overdo it or put the wrong colors or whatever. For me, there is just too much focus on beauty and sex when it comes to women. And yes I realize the demand creates the supplies so the issue is more with men than women. Women are so much more talented than just being beautiful and I sincerely hope Claire Abbott can portray some of her other talents.

Winter Claire Abbott

Claire Abbott and Car selfies

Claire abbott selfie while driving

Claire was also famous for having mad some car selfies. One could see this on her Instagram. These kinds of selfies are rare nowadays. A lot of people have heavily criticized taking selfies while driving and even compared it to drink driving.

We also find it important to drive safely, so we have decided not to post any selfies of Claire while driving. If you are interested in cars, it might be worth checking out our article on the most expensive and cheapest cars brands to maintain.

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