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What are the most Expensive Car Brands in the World

Finding the most expensive car brands in the world is not that complicated. If you go online and search for extremely expensive, luxury cars, you will find some brands that pop up often. And we will cover them in this article. The most interesting thing when it comes to car brands is how extraordinary these brands can actually be. They are unique, different and push the boundaries in ways you would not imagine.

One of the most expensive car brands in the world Bugatti Veyron

One of the most expensive car brands is Bugatti for sure

You will notice that Bugatti only creates limited edition pieces. They do a very good job at innovating, creating something spectacular and that all comes with a certain price. The most important aspect about Bugatti is speed, efficiency but also safety. They’ve been a part of the industry for a very long time and create maybe the fastest vehicles in the world. Yet at the same time, they are really comfortable and luxurious.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars are all about exquisiteness and high standard. Only wealthy people can afford a Rolls-Royce, and it’s one of those brands that have always been known for their extraordinary quality and attention to detail. So yes, they are very impressive, dependable and luxurious.

Rolls Royce has the most expensive car, the sweptail

Most expensive Rolls Royce in the world

When you hear about the most expensive Rolls Royce in the world, you immediately think that it will have a very high price. And as you can imagine, you are right. Most of the Rolls Royce cars are expensive, but there is one that has become one of the most expensive vehicles in the world. In this article we will cover what makes it special and why it stands out so much.

The Sweptail is the most expensive Rolls Royce in the world

Sweptail is a one-off custom build and it has a price of almost $13 million. When you hear the price, it sounds very prohibitive at first. But the interesting thing about it is the fact that it was tailor-made to a specific customer that they did not disclose. The car itself is bringing in visuals from the 20s and 30s, and it also has a single-piece glass roof. That feature alone clearly dominates the look of this vehicle and makes it unique and different in a very creative manner.

The Sweptail Grille

The Grille of of the most expensive car brand

Another thing to note is that the front grille is unique, it’s the largest one that was fitted on a modern Rolls Royce. It gives the car a very impressive, unique look that stands out right from the start in ways you would not imagine. They used a single piece of aluminium and it was hand-polished to offer that amazing visual and mirror shine.

The rear end has the swept tail that brought the name of this vehicle. Its back seat was replaced with a mid-shelf made out of wood and the shelf has an illuminated glass lip. There’s also a wood hat shelf too. You even have luggage rails and an airy cockpit that looks and feels very well.

Dashboard of a rolls royce

The cleanest car dash in any Rolls Royce to date

That’s what Rolls Royce claims when it comes to this vehicle. They did include a clock that was made from thin Macassar veneer. Within the centre console, you have a dedicated space which will serve you a bottle of champagne and 2 flutes.

This is clearly a luxurious car for a very special client, and it will impress everyone with its unique features and outstanding attention to detail.

Despite the fact that they did not release the spec sheet for the vehicle, we do know that they based this on the Phantom, but it was customized for someone. There might be a version, of the V12, 6.75-litre motor in there, although that might have been improved upon too.

The right price for the most expensive car?

This is the most expensive Rolls Royce in the world right now and it’s clearly deserving the $13 million asking price. It’s a special vehicle for a specific buyer, but it’s definitely a clear sign that even luxury manufacturers are going the custom route for clients if needed. Of course, you have to pay a fortune for such a vehicle, but it really is unlike anything that you can find out there!

Ferrari in the top 10 most expensive car brands in the world today


We can’t talk about the most expensive car brands in the world without noticing Ferrari. The company is known for its luxury, elegancy and tremendous value. These amazing cars look nothing short of unique, and the quality is second to none. This is a company that innovates, delivers great quality, and you will certainly enjoy them.

Yellow Koenigsegg

Third most expensive car brand in the world; Koenigsegg

This company only creates limited-edition vehicles that can reach amazing speeds. It’s unlike anything out there in terms of dynamics, visuals and high quality. It’s a very impressive brand with some great history behind it too.

Black Lamborghini Black alloys

Lamborghini Sport cars

Lamborghini always created top of the line vehicles and they are all very aerodynamic and full of speed. The look is great, the quality is there, and you will find yourself impressed with all the great features and numerous models that you can choose from.

One of the most expensive car brands interiors Bentley Red leather


Luxury cars can also have a more traditional style to them. That’s what Bentley is all about, and they’ve been keeping a classic appearance with most of their models. There are some with a more modern look, but you’ll be amazed by the features and ideas.


This car brand is owned by Mercedes. A Maybach is one of the best cars out there. It looks special, it delivers great features, and the amazing attention to detail is what really pushes it to the next level. This is one of those types of vehicles that only wealthy people can afford, but it immediately stands out with the value and quality.


These are some of the most expensive car brands in the world. These companies are known for their quality, value and innovation. They always try to push the boundaries and deliver some of the best and nicest vehicles in the world. It’s something exciting, different and you will appreciate the outstanding attention to detail and results!

More Affordable car brands

Of course, these cars are only affordable for very few of us. If you are interested in car brands that are more affordable to some more of us, check out this article. Think of brands such as Audi, Mercedes and Land Rover. Keep in mind that more expensive cars have more expensive parts and are therefore more costly to maintain as well.

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