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Torrent sites come and go. Some are taken offline, others disappear because of a lack of popularity. However, some torrent sites remain busy and will continue to last for years. In order to continue to be part of the torrent sites in this group, certain qualities are required. For example, the range of download material must be large, visitors do not want to be overwhelmed with spam and it is important that the site is set up in such a way that everything can be found quickly and easily.

The torrent sites mentioned below, in our top 10 best torrent sites, have all of these qualities. That said, we warn everyone for the illegal downloading of torrents. Not all torrents are illegal. Make sure you download only the legal torrents and not films that are still in the cinema.If you do you risk fines and penalties and you alone are responsable for it.

Site number 10: Limetorrents.cc

We start at the bottom of the list, so with our number 10. This is Limetorrents.cc. The fact that we place Limetorrents.cc on place 10, and not higher, does not mean that we have a lot to complain about this site: if you are in our top 10 torrent sites, you already do a lot of good. One of those things is in this case that you can easily find a healthy torrent at Limetorrents.cc. The site reflects this very clearly. At number 10 but still one of the better sites.

9: Torrents.me

At number 9 we find Torrents.me. Actually this is not a ‘real’ torrent site. You can’t download torrents directly from this site. No, instead the site redirects you to other sites. And yet Torrents.me is very useful, because it shows you – the differentf the categories in which you can distribute or download torrents – the way to good torrents. The site deserves a place in our torrent top 10.

8: Torrentz2.eu

A site like Torrents.me, which is in fact a search engine for torrents, Torrentz2.eu is too. And this site is also part of this list and even a bit higher than its predecessor. What makes Torrentz2.eu so good – apart from the fact that you can easily get to the best torrents – is that it has a bit of privacy on most other sites. Because of very good security you can find your torrents “unseen”. This work somewhat like a VPN. The torrents are all different types of files, from movies to games, but especially music lovers should search on Torrentz2.eu; you will probably not find a broader range in music.

At position 7 in the Torrent Sites Top 10: Idope

Idope is a classic torrent site and also a fairly young one. It saw the light of day for the first time in 2016 and has since slowly but surely developed. This development concerns a development in quality, but also in brand awareness: anyone who uses torrent sites, has probably encountered Idope. Idope owes her good name especially thanks to its great download speed. You can download  or upload your files at lightning speed. Of course this also depends on your internet connection at home.

6: Zooqle

A torrent site that we certainly should not forget is Zooqle. Just like Idope, this site belongs to the new generation. In terms of supply, however, Zooqle is just a little ahead. You can – and that is quite special for such a young site – download more than 37,000 films (again not all legal, be aware). The number of TV series that is available is 600. In short: the chance that the film or series you want to download can be found on Zooqle is quite high.


We have arrived at the top 5. The first site we count for this is EZTV. This site has earned this spot because of the enormous range of TV series. Although you can also download other torrents, EZTV focuses mainly on TV series. This distinguishes it from other torrent sites, which often have a very diverse range, but therefore do not excel in one area. EZTV does so, which makes it an ideal site for fans of TV series. Guaranteed to find your favorite series here.

4: 1337x

One of the torrent sites that has such a diverse range is 1337x. Here you find everything: from TV series to music and from software to films. Moreover, you will find the torrent you need here very easily, thanks to – first of all – the renewed interface, which is very clear and userfriendly. Furthermore, the easy browsing function, where you can select categories directly contributes to this userfriendly interface.

3: Torlock, one of the Better Torrent sites

The third place in our top ten is occupied by Torlock. Torlock combines all the qualities that a good torrent site needs: user-friendliness, a good download speed and a wide range of torrents. As far as the latter is concerned, at Torlock it is especially noticeable that less popular files can also be found, especially when it concerns music or anime episodes. Newer, more popular files in other categories, such as film and TV series, are of course also available, as you might expect from a torrent site so high in our list. Here you can also fin plenty of legal torrents without copyrights.


Torlock has the advantage that less popular and older torrents can be found there. Most of us, however, just want to download the latest of the latest, as quickly as possible. In that case, RARBG is a different recommendation. Compared with other torrent sites, this site is usually just a bit faster with the online installation of new torrents, so that – if you use RARBG – you can always watch as first new films, new e- read books and listen to new songs. Yes, RARBG is more than right about diversity in the range.

Torrents sites number 1: pirate bay

1: Absolute Number 1 Torrent Sites: The Pirate Bay

The aforementioned torrent sites are all excellent sites, but one site still stands head and shoulders above: The Pirate Bay. It is the indisputable number 1 in our top 10 best torrentsites. The reason is that they are diverse, but it is above all the download speed that makes The Pirate Bay, also known as TPB, attractive. In addition, the offer is huge. You can go there for an incredible number of film files as well as countless other files, including games and music. All via the still recognizable site, which has been going on for many years, despite some brief interruptions. In 2015 the site was taken offline, after which it returned in 2016.

123 Movies Free Movies

A Frequently searched movie finding service is 123 movies free movies. This is actually not a torrent service but a service where you can stream video’s. In some countries the streaming of these services is still legal, but in a lot of countries it is not. 123 Movies providing free movies despite of copyrights is considered immoral by webservices. The website from the moviesite therefor gets taken down regularly. 123movies in its turn constantly changes the url of their website. Because streaming is still illegal in most countries we recommend not to use the service when illegal in your country.

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