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Most Expensive Yacht in the World

History Supreme Gold and lPatinum Yacht

There are some amazing displays of wealth and luxury all over the world. And as you can imagine, there are billionaires that want to own the most expensive yacht in the world. There is such a thing, it exists and the truth is that such a yacht will impress you with how amazing and also very pricey it actually is. The most expensive yacht must also have room to hold the most expensive car.

used to be most expensive yacht
This used to be the most expensive yacht at 1,5 Billion USD

How much does the most expensive yacht in the world cost?

When you hear the $4.8 billion price tag, it seems way too much to be true. However, it seems that you can literally have everything you want if you have money, and that’s why the History Supreme yacht was created in the first place. It’s owned by Robert Knock, the richest man in Malaysia, and it just impresses you with the wealth and exquisiteness that it brings to the table. It is called the History Supreme.

Made of Gold

Creating a yacht that’s mostly out of solid gold was extremely challenging. They took 3 years for this yacht to be created, and they made it 100 feet in length. But the shocking thing about this yacht is the fact that it uses 10000 kg of platinum and solid gold. It’s created by Stuart Hughes from the UK, which is a renowned designed with a lot of experience in this field.

Add some Platinum

You will notice platinum and gold all over the yacht. It starts from the base of the unit and it goes to the anchor, staircase, decks, rails and the dining area. But the most opulent thing about this yacht is definitely the master bedroom that has a meteorite rock feature and a statue of Tyrannosaurus Rex. It’s things like these that make the most expensive yacht in the world special, the features inside as well as the amount of gold you can find inside of it.


Most expensive yacht in the world

Other great things about the most expensive yacht in the world

An interesting thing to note is that the master suite has a 68 kg, 24-carat Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium. This is great if you want to see the ocean and just enjoy the wildlife there. On the History Supreme, you can also find a liquor bottle that has an 18.5-carat diamond. Basically, it’s easy to see that this is an extremely expensive yacht with a lot of interesting and rather different features to take into consideration. One thing is certain when you see such a yacht, you will be blown away.

As you can imagine, the most expensive yacht in the world can’t be owned by anyone. This is a unique piece, it has no other contender when it comes to the craziness and unique features that it provides. But the coolest part about it is the true attention to detail and value, and also how many cool items they got to add inside too. It’s certainly something different, and if you love luxury you will certainly like the most expensive yacht in the world. Is it necessary to have so much opulence in a single yacht? Maybe not, but it certainly looks amazing!

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