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5 Best Stephen King Books and Why You Should Read Them

Stephen King in a grey jumper presenting the best Stephen King Books
Stephen King must be one of the most famous if not the most famous thriller and horror writer of all time. He has written so many books it is almost impossible to read them all. We have thus created a list with the 5 best Stephen King books.
King’s books have been made into movies time and time again. Most of the books on our list are available as a movie too. We find none however as good as the books.
Let’s not waste any of your time and get started with the 5 best books written by Stephen King.
The stand makes it to many top 10 overviews of best stephen king books

The Stand

This story is set in a post-apocalyptic world located in Sin City USA, Las Vegas, NV. After a weaponized strain of influenza has wiped out most of the world’s population.
Four immune men have to confront the evil that still roams the earth. This evil comes in the form of a man named Randall Flagg. Through visions and dreams, the group of men begins to realize where their guidance comes from. Their guidance explains how to combat what they are up against.
Through trial and error, the group must find a way to destroy the evil. They have to restore humanity through one child that is soon to be born.
This is not only a fast-paced and intriguing read. But like any good novel, it has an element of truth that will leave you wondering. How possible this story may be in the world we live in today. Stephen King is masterful in keeping the reader engaged from cover to cover.
Misery the movie based on Stephen Kings book

One of the 5 best Stephen King books is Misery

Set in the winter in Colorado, an author travels home when his car veers off the road. A woman rescues him from his car.
The man turns from gracious to fearful when he becomes acquainted with his self-proclaimed number 1 fan. The woman has deemed him her number 1 obsession.
This heart-pounding thriller keeps you reading as you enter the mind of a terrified man fighting for his life. He is miles from the nearest town, and unable to contact his family.
You will want to read this until the end. You want to find out how blurred the lines can be when you have no sense of time and are stuck in the middle of nowhere. You can feel the terror imagining yourself in the dead of winter with no way out.
Image from Stephen Kings the Shining

The Shining as one of the most famous books

This story too takes place in the middle of winter. Jack Torrance and his family take on positions as the seasonal caretakers at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado.
As a recovering alcoholic, Jack tries his hand at writing to pass the time. When weird things start to happen, each family member experiences a different version of what they seem to fear the most.
They don’t know if what they see is a dream, imagination, or reality. Until they do. In winter isolation, far from civilization, anyone would get cabin fever. How far can it take you over the edge?
This book may well be one of the best Stephen King books. The book takes you on a psychological rollercoaster from beginning to end. Leaving you unsure of who you are.

Pet Sematary

Another great thriller that has made into our 5 best Stephen King books is Pet Sematary. Paramount Pictures has fairly recently turned this book into a movie too. You can watch the trailer above.

Dr Louis Creed moves his family from Boston to a new location in Maine. When they arrive, they notice things are not quite right. After several mishaps seem to plague the family immediately upon arrival. Initially, they are pleased to have friendly neighbours and assume everything will be ok.
They soon discover a burial ground within the woods close to their home. They begin to understand the source of the odd activity that begins to stir again. The children in the community bury their deceased animals here. The “Pet Semetary”, named by one of the local kids.
After learning about a terrible past about this cemetery, the concern becomes fear. Things worsen and become unbearable. The family takes some terrible decisions. They can not be undone. The family is changed forever.
This book is one of the more ominous of Stephen King’s and well worth every gruesome detail. You will not want to put this one down, no matter how squeamish you may be.
Scary Clown from IT chapter two from one of the best stephen king books

The most famous and one of the best Stephen King books; IT

Set in Derry, Maine, a group of seven kids becomes friends through similar hardships. The death of one child’s brother, Georgie brings them together.
Each kid suffers from some inner and external turmoil. They unite hoping to give each other support. They learn that they are all plagued by an evil lurking in the shadows, following them, watching them.
As things intensify, they band together to investigate the source of evil and try to stop it.
As adults, after years of separation, they are all brought back to Derry. They discover they have been lured, once again by the same evil that they tried to destroy them as children.
This book is not only intriguing but also enlightening. It shows us how our fears can influence are an image of reality. The book takes you back to your childhood. Remember what it was like to be afraid, sad, angry, and joyful? Perhaps for you, too these memories can be stirred again years later. Sometimes even to your demise.

A Different Point of View

In case you were expecting different books in the 5 best Stephen King books, make sure to check this Top 5. Here you will find some else’s opinion on the best Stephen King books.

More Books turned into Movies

The previous books are five top-rated novels by Stephen King. They are also Hollywood movies. The following links are a few underrated books turned into movies that you may enjoy. This is particularly true if you prefer watching movies over reading.
Image from the Shawshank Redemption

Shawshank Redemption

One of the best book adaptations to date. Filmed in 1994 starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. A suspenseful and timeless movie and an even better book. You can find more information on IMDB

Stand by Me

This is a heartfelt story of a group of 4 boys who are searching for something. It is both comical and serious. To see what you’ve been missing go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stand_by_Me_(film)

The Green Mile

This movie is an adaptation of a series of 6 short books about a death row inmate who claims he is innocent. He will use the abilities he has to try and prove it. The movie is as great as the series, and some would argue, even better. 
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